So What Did You Think?

It was not a bad state of the union address though pretty much devoid of surprises beyond the shot the President fired across Iran's bow. Of course that was for our benefit not Iran's since the meaning will likely be lost in translation.

I think the President did take some shots against some of his critics whose comments haven't stood up in the public forum. He explained the NSA eavesdropping program pretty well. The NSA is not listening to phone calls of the President's potential political opponents the way many Democratic administrations have. But did you see the puss on Hillary's face during that comment? Wow for a woman who stood in the White House while her husband listened in on business calls in order to promote American business, she sure stood in judgment of a program intended to protect us.

The President talked a bit about energy policy. I'm afraid, however, nothing much of use was said. Ethanol is not the solution to the world's or the country's energy problems. It is amazing to me that over the many years during which we realized that oil was a problem, nobody has come up with anything to even make a dent in the problem. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have any new ideas on which direction to go.

The Social Security thing drew perhaps the most interesting reactions. Something must be done whether it is the creation of a Republican or Democrat President or Congress. Yet nobody seems prepared to champion a reasonable solution. Democrats are beholden to AARP who is opposed to any change to the system. But the system will go broke. It is an unsustainable program. It is easy for Dem.s to criticize budget deficits for this year but for some reason they seem totally unwilling to face up to the enormous deficits which will undoubtedly be ours if we don't fix the system and do so soon.

The rebuttal to the President's speech was really weak and labored. A nobody was chosen to say nothing to an audience which had largely gone to bed. Democrats tried to leverage Dr. King's wife and from there the rest of the presentation was verbal excrement. We went to war in Iraq for a lie ... Virginia does X ... There was nothing valid, nothing constructive, nothing useful in the Democrat response. It was truly underwhelming. Now there's a political party in some serious trouble.

The President's address get's a "B-" from me. There's some useful stuff in it, the presentation wasn't too bad, but it really could have used some work. The Democrat response gets a "D" since they did put something together which showed some work. But it was uninspired and empty so consider the "D" a gift. Better luck to both parties in the coming year.