Only One U

Just to prove that I am not totally biased, I want to offer up a valid criticism of the President. Mr. President, "nuclear" has only one U in it. It is not "Nuke - U - Ler." The word is pronounced "Nuke - Lee - er." I realize it is a small point but it is something I just cannot seem to get past.

I suppose Bush does this to bring himself down to the majority of people. When you hear John Kerry speaking as if he was taught to speak with a silver spoon in his mouth - he was not - I think you can see why it is important not to speak with a boarding school culture about you. Kerry's tongue is well practiced and manicured but his brain is quite obviously pickled by the thinking of social elites. Bush, being the son of a millionaire President, was hardly raised in the coal mines yet he has somehow managed to control or practice his speaking voice so as to not alienate the largest majority of Americans.

It bugs me that he says nuclear that way but I do see the wisdom in the practice. Why do Democrats not recognize his speech for what it is? Only Hillary seems to know this trick like when she says "dem der House a reps is runnin like da plantation and ya know what Om talkin bout." Kerry does not seem to have enough sense to realize how his speech alienates people. He speaks like he's some high school kid trying to prove he does belong on the right side of the tracks so the "in-crowd" of rich kids will accept him and invite him to their parties. And he calls Bush stupid!