Laws Requiring Retailers To Stock Specific Items?

Some women are suing Wal-Mart in Massachusetts because it doesn't stock the abortion pill. Massachusetts requires pharmacies to carry "all commonly prescribed medicines." The women, backed by abortion rights organizations, are suing because Wal-Mart in Massachusetts does not stock the so-called "morning after pill." Illinois Wal-Mart stores stock the pill because state law requires it to do so. Where the hell are we in terms of a capitalist economy if state laws require retailers to stock this item or that? I can't imagine this suit having any merit since Massacusetts could very easily have crafted a law like Illinois'. But that's besides the point. Why do states legislate what stores must carry? They do such a downright crappy job of doing everything else, how do they have the audacity to mandate what a retail store carries.

I really hope that Wal-Mart agrees to carry this drug but charges an exorbitant price for it and donates the excess profits to anti-abortion groups. I say this not because I am some sort of militant anti-abortionist, I'm not, but rather because it is beyond absurd to me that a state would have such laws and well beyond me that a group of Americans would sue to compel a retailer to stock something. Instead, why don't they just shop someplace else?